Use The Incredible Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Let’s face it; practically everyone in the world today is aware of the fact that they have a subconscious mind. In fact, when things go wrong in our lives, many people immediately place the blame on their subconscious mind.

Unfortunately however, not many people seem to realize just how powerful the subconscious mind can be, and that it can be your best friend or your worst enemy, in that it is your subconscious mind which ultimately controls the way in which you live your life. Perhaps you are wondering what exactly is a subconscious mind, and why it’s essential for people to pay close attention to what the subconscious mind is thinking?Practically everyone acknowledges the fact that they have a subconscious mind, despite numerous attempts by professionals to convince us otherwise. Essentially, the subconscious mind could be compared to a game controller, in that it’s responsible for our actions and our thoughts. It’s that little whisper in the back of our mind which speaks to us whenever we find ourselves in a challenging situation. Of course, the manner in which your subconscious mind communicates with you will differ from one person to the next, and no two people will have the same subconscious mind. Irrespective of whether or not people are raised under the exact same circumstances, each one’s subconscious mind will communicate with them differently.

Perhaps you’ve heard your subconscious mind talking to you before, just as you were about to make an important decision. Perhaps it persuaded you to walk away and let’s hope that if you listened, its was for the better. Unfortunately, while the subconscious mind can often save us from disaster, it can also ruin a person’s life. This happens when that voice inside your head continuously tells you that you’re not good enough, or that you’ll never be rich for example. Your subconscious is in essence the way you feel about yourself deep down.

Of course if those thoughts emanating from your subconscious mind are filled with negativity, then there’s every chance you’ll lead an unhappy life. Fortunately however, you don’t need to resign yourself to a negative subconscious mind because it is possible to change the way you think about yourself.

For example, many people firmly believe in the power of affirmations in order to change the way they think. These are essentially statements of a positive nature which one can repeat to oneself several times throughout the course of each day. The beauty of this is that there’s no need to spend vast amounts of money, simply because you can do it all by yourself, at home or even at work. Just take a moment to think about what aspect of your life you’d like to change, and then start thinking about yourself.If you would like to stop smoking for example, then instead of thinking that you cannot kick the habit, you should rather be thinking how good it feels to be a non smoker. You should write this down on a piece of paper so that you can carry it around with you and read it to yourself whenever the need arises. You could of course also place a copy of it on the mirror, next to your bed, and even next to the toilet, so that you see the message as often as possible during any given day. Your goal should be to repeat this message to yourself as many times as possible each day until such time that your subconscious mind realizes that this is what you are wanting it to think.In this example, you will soon start becoming fit, but if you used affirmations for some other purpose such as to make money, then you’ll also discover your bank account will soon begin improving.If you’re still not sure then let’s take a look at a different scenario, and one which you more than likely experienced before yourself. You wake up in the morning and realize you’re going to be late for work, and the first thing that comes to mind, is that you say to yourself you can’t believe it’s going to be another one of those days. After getting out of the shower you get dressed only to realize that you can’t remember where you put your keys. Yes, it’s definitely going to be one of those days. After some frantic searching you find your keys and head out to your car but unfortunately your dog has messed right in the center of the pathway and now you have it all over the underneath of your shoe. Even when you do eventually to get to work, you’re faced with one problem after another. In fact it gets steadily worse until it reaches a point where you firmly believe it cannot get worse than what it already is, only to discover it gets significantly worse.

Of course the vast majority of people will blame this all on coincidence, but believe me, there is no such thing as coincidence. In fact there’s a reason for everything that happens, and when you have this sort of day the reason is usually your subconscious mind.In recent times books such as ‘The Secret’ have tried extremely hard to explain this phenomena in scientific terms which is why it is now known as the ‘Law of Attraction’, which states that a person’s subconscious mind not only responds and reacts to real life situations, but that it actually plays a part in creating such situations.Even though some people may consider this to sound a little crazy, quantum physics is however in agreement with this theory. In fact, it has already been proven that matter is linked intrinsically to the mind of the observer. Interestingly enough, many religions have been preaching this long before science came along and proved it.What you need to bear in mind is that because you can create your own reality with your subconscious mind, it is possible to create a reality of your choice. In fact, some of the wealthiest people in history have become wealthy simply because they have consistently believed and visualized themselves acquiring a vast amount of wealth.

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