Top Abstract on Hypertension and Salt: Symptoms And Treatments

Someone already mentioned to you that eating salt is deadly for you. It is completely accurate when it comes to eating regular table salt, but it is different when it comes to nature given raw sea salts.

This article will help you understand more about different types of salts and ways of improving your heart health applying certain “salty techniques”. Salt or sodium chloride utilized in many ways for example chlorine production, production of soaps and textiles. While salt is useful in other spheres of our lives, high sodium consumption is clinically proven to increase blood pressure.

It is imperative to note, salt produces Nitric Oxide in our body. Nitric Oxide is a chemical responsible for many pathological and physiological processes in mammals. Too much of Nitric oxide (NO) can be detrimental and toxic that can contribute to vascular tissue collapse, diabetes, arthritis and other conditions. On this note, it is important to know the difference between regular table salt and sea salts. Regular salt is chemically bleached and deadly to our body.

On the other hand, organic salts are natural and contain all of the vital minerals and nutrients that our body needs. That is why chose your salt wisely because your body still needs some salt to function properly.

Quite a few health organizations recommend to consumers to take on average 4gm of salt a day. Even so, it has been anticipated that an average person consumes double of the suggested dosage. How to lower your salt intake: Dr. Sanders at University of Maryland advises that a good indication of too much salt is when a person can taste it.

The most important step is to substitute your regular table salt to more pure version of salt. For example, “Sea salt” or “Gray salt” can be changed instead of using ordinary table salt. This is the cleanest type of salt without additional chemicals. Look for salts such as roasted salt, sea salt, wasabi salt, green tea salt etc. in your supermarket or specialty store.

The second vital step is to get rid of your salt shaker from the table or change it to “salt imitator”. This can totally reduce your salt consumption to a healthy norm.

Generally almost all of processed foods, canned foods are already full of extra salt, so by avoiding these products and by reading nutritious boxes you can regulate your daily salt consumption. You can also control how much salt is in your food by requesting meals cooked without salt when you are eating out. Do not feel shy to ask. Not only you are paying for it, you are also improving your health!

So go ahead and ask for no salt in your food! Based on new research, people with high salt consumption have a higher risk factor in developing high blood pressure than genetically inclined people.

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