Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks – Health Method Alternatives To Prescription Drugs

Looking for natural remedies for panic attacks? More and more people are interested in trying alternative medicines.

No one wants to take drugs for prolonged periods, but some people believe that is the only way they will ever achieve relief for certain ailments. There have been some optimistic results for natural remedies for panic attacks. There are no substantiated clinical tests for some of these remedies, so remember that they may not be effective for everyone.

The use of Niocinamide in conjunction with vitamins B6 and B12 may ease attacks over a period of a few weeks. Vitamin deficiencies do have some impact on the body in relation to panic attacks. How much impact is, as always, dependent on the individual. Calcium and magnesium are two other supplements to consider. One important consideration is what not to take. Alcohol only fuels the fire and should be consumed in moderation, if at all. Refined sugar and carbohydrates should be replaced with whole grains and other foods low in sugar. Avoid caffeine as much as possible. This eliminates tea, coffee, and colas. Avoid artificial sweeteners, too.

Exercise is one thing most everyone agrees produces beneficial results. Although it may be difficult to participate in organized sports for exercise, a person can use a home gym or exercise videos to get the same results.

Aromas have some bearing on the way we perceive happiness and sadness. Researchers say that by sniffing things that remind us of happy memories, it reduces fears and puts the mind in a more relaxed state. Baby powder is one smell that seems to work for most people. The smells of the area where a person was young and before the panic attacks started are the ones that bring back happy thoughts. Depending on the area where a person grew up, this could be anything from flowers to farm animals.

Getting a massage is a good way to relax and provides therapeutic value for everyone. The back of the neck is a central area for massage, and this is the place to concentrate massage to help relieve tension. Relieving tension can possibly even prevent a panic attack, as it is a form of relaxation.

One thing that doctors say not to do during an attack is relax. That is the first thing an observer will try to get a victim to do. The release of adrenalin is a contributing factor during the panic attack. By moving around the adrenalin is dissipated relieving the panic.

A three-step process known to help is the use of Bach Rescue Remedy (found at health food stores), a spray bottle with an aroma that soothes the person, and controlled breathing. In the event of an attach, the victim should place a few drops of the Bach’s Remedy on his or her tongue, smell the spray from the bottle, and breathe slowly and steadily.

Natural remedies for panic attacks present another treatment alternative in the panic attack battle. Any of these remedies can be used in conjunction with standard treatments. In most cases, it is just as important what you don’t do as well as what you do.

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