Natural Remedies for Fibroids

Many women have successfully used natural remedies for fibroids to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms. This is a fantastic alternative to surgery and I bless the day when I finally decided to try a natural remedy.

For me it happened almost by accident. I was scheduled for a full hysterectomy after having terrible fibroids symptoms for years. I was reasonable fit, and took regular exercise but could not understand which I could not lose my belly fat. I was totally ignorant about fibroids and when I went for a routine medical examination about 5 years ago I mentioned that my stomach looked big. Although the doctor performed an abdominal palpitation, he said it was fat! I looked pregnant though and upon the advice of a friend who said that “something wasn’t right” I went to see a gynecologist who declared that I had fibroids even before the scan.

The scan showed that I had “lots of fibroids” including two very large ones and that my womb was the size of a 7 month pregnancy. I was scheduled for a hysterectomy and was told I would need drugs to reduce the size of the fibroids before surgery could take place. I was warned that I would effectively have symptoms of the menopause and that I could not take the drugs for longer than 3 months as they could cause osteoporosis… Great!

I asked her if there were any natural remedies for fibroids which I could try and she said that as far as she was aware there was nothing which would help. Not satisfied with this, I started searching the internet, devouring every bit of information I could, until I came across a system for treating fibroids naturally which I really liked the sound of.

It was September and I was scheduled to start my drugs after Christmas and the surgery was due for late March. I decided that I had absolutely nothing to lose by trying the natural remedies for fibroids. The system was backed up with a full money back guarantee so I made my mind up to grab a refund if it didn’t work. It also felt better to be doing “something” rather than just waiting for the drug treatment to start.

I admit I was very excited when I downloaded the book-it was great as I’m very impatient and I got the book right away, within just a couple of minutes of ordering it. I literally devoured it-I could not believe some of the things I was reading, yet it all made complete sense.

Just A Few Of The Things I Found Out-And Which You Can Learn Too

  • The shocking truth about conventional medical treatments
  • How to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding and pain immediately
  • Which foods cause fibroids and which foods help fight them
  • Supplements which immediately halt fibroids growth
  • Supplements which shrink fibroids
  • Common household substances which are bad for your health
  • Herbal remedies which shrink fibroids and cure the root cause

I wondered at first if it was my imagination-within no time at all, my stomach seemed to be shrinking and I didn’t look quite as pregnant! I started to feel better and my symptoms were disappearing. When I visited my doctor-I wanted her to see for herself what had happened. She examined my stomach and agreed that it wasn’t as swollen. A scan showed that the fibroids had reduced considerably and she agreed that I could postpone the drug treatment and she would examine me in a couple of months. I left the surgery date as it was though, as I couldn’t dare to believe that natural remedies for fibroids would mean I didn’t need a hysterectomy.

When I returned, a further scan showed that the fibroids had shrunk to an extent where they were simply not a problem any longer. I did not have the hysterectomy and bringing things right up to date, I know I still have fibroids, but they are very small and do not cause symptoms at all. Some of the smaller ones seemed to have gone altogether according to the scan, so I am delighted.

Knowing the cause is important when looking at natural remedies for fibroids as this is not necessarily the same for each woman. It therefore follows that the natural remedies which are appropriate for one woman could well be different for the next.

One theory for the growth of fibroids is that some women are “prone” to inflammation and that this could be hereditary. For these women, treatments to reduce this inflammation would be a good starting point. Adding the spice “curcumin” to cooked foods can help, as can eating hops and rosemary-both of which have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, a healthy balanced diet plus exercise will undoubtedly help.

Excess estrogen is also known to be a cause of fibroids and many doctors believe that this is produced by fat cells. It therefore follows that maintaining a healthy weight is important, so diet and exercise should be considered if you are overweight and have problem fibroids. Certain pollutants can also mimic the effects of estrogen so other natural remedies for fibroids include detoxification (particularly of the liver). Excess estrogen can also be present in the body as a result of a general “imbalance” of hormones and this is often lifestyle induced. It therefore follows that a general healthy lifestyle can help self-balance the body.

Other possible remedies for fibroids include the use of herbal preparations. Chinese medicine in particular has been shown to be particularly helpful in aiding the cleansing of the reproductive organs, thereby helping remove toxins and prevent further growth of the fibroids and in some cases shrink them.

Fibroids are a condition which respond very well to natural remedies and they are an ideal condition to treat because as they are so rarely life-threatening. It makes complete sense to try out a natural treatment for fibroids before resorting to surgery or any of the hormonal drugs which can cause their own side effects. If you would like to learn about the types of fibroids and the different methods of treatment, you can find extensive details on this informative site. For details of the guaranteed natural remedies for fibroids which I used very successfully, visit Natural Treatments For Fibroids

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