Body and Mind Stability through Ayurveda Remedy

Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice in India. It is considered a science of life. As such Ayurveda remedy is an alternative therapy that is practiced and adapted to keep insightful expression of the body’s holistic nature to achieve good health. In general, each of the Ayurveda remedy is used to heal the facets of the spirit, the body, and the mind all at the same time. It is believed that doing so could improve overall condition of any human being. If you are into Ayurveda, you should be able to learn and be knowledgeable about various Ayurveda remedies and therapies.

Ayurveda remedy provides wellness to treat specific disorders or health abnormalities. The system is aimed at eliminating or setting out characteristic symptoms. In effect, it could work to cure the human being as a whole. It has prominent accent towards enhancement of basic life attributed like ingested food, nature of thoughts, and daily or seasonal lifestyle. You should always understand that Ayurveda is not concerned most about bringing about temporary relief. Instead, it aims to uproot and eliminate causes and roots of diseases. Thus, Ayurveda remedies are collections of numerous therapies that are used to relieve or heal every part and facet of not just the body but the whole human being.

There is a most intriguing part or aspect of Ayurveda remedy. It lies in the basic knowledge that Ayurveda is incorporating all methods of physical and mental cuing like aroma, meditation, lifestyle regimen, amulets, gems, diet, surgery, and herbs. In history, it could be found that Ayurveda remedies have emanated from enlightened wisdom of the sages. It has become a self-regulating practice through the years. It recommends inheritance of habits that have been proven to heal the individual soul and Cosmic Being aside from the physical aspect of the body. It integrates specific Ayurvedic exercises, massages, diets, and bodywork for completion and attainment of a relaxed body, mind, and soul.

Ayurveda remedies basically involve herbs and strategic uses to bring about better health and relief from illnesses. There are specific examples. For vomiting (a way of body cleansing), honey and licorice could be best. Calamus root tea is also bringing about similar results. This Ayurveda remedy is often used for treatment of colds, asthma, cough, nausea, fever, anemia, loss of appetite, diabetes, and skin diseases. The herbs could also treat attacks of epilepsy and edema.

For common problems like jaundice, constipation, worms, fever, abdominal tumors, skin diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, and gastrointestinal problems, there are specific herbs that induce purgation. For purgation or cleansing therapy, there are specific herbs that could act as laxatives. They include prune, senna, dandelion root, castor oil, mango juice, and bran. Enemas could cleanse the internal body system effectively. To do the therapy, you need herbs like calamus and sesame oil. Form a decoction and put into the rectum as a form of laxative.

Herbal inhalation therapy could treat problems involving the nose, eyes, throat, and ears. The necessary herbs to be appropriately used are onion, cayenne, gotu kola, garlic, ginger, black pepper, and calamus. However, this form or Ayurveda remedy should not in any way be conducted or taken after taking a bath, eating food, drinking alcohol, and indulging in sex. The herbs for nasal inhalation should also not be used during menstruation or pregnancy.

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